Building Resilience for optimal wellbeing and performance.

Building Resilience for optimal wellbeing and performance.

We teach people & teams how to maximise their outcomes!

100% of People who complete our Personal Resilience training boost their wellbeing and self-leadership skills…

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Resilience Training
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What Clients say about our work… 

We wanted to invest in a proven program for cultivating employee wellbeing and performance. Ripen’s Resilience training is shown to achieve immediate and lasting results, with employee’s reporting Ripen training as a key reason for improved wellbeing even 12 months post training.

Rich Atkinson

Global Head of People – WiseTech Global

Thank you so much to the team for leading this - a safe space for all to share and connect. I feel very connected to the team even more so than before. And I know we will move forward into 2022 with new and refined skills!


Marie Alford

Head of Dementia Centre – Hammond Care

The structure of the program enabled the immediate application of the concepts. Great way to learn, reflect and keep practicing. I love this style of learning and wish this could be used more often in our work place. I hope that everyone in the organisation gets a chance to undertake this program.


Gill McEwen

Director of Education – Blackmores Institute

This has been an amazing program - one of those ones that will stay with us in the long term - the ease and simple tools are great and I know have strong psychology theory sitting behind them. Well done!


Kiran Hajos

HR Director ANZ

Created a level of self-awareness that can guide us in any situation moving forward. Engagement and response rate is incredible! Very good platform - great UX.


Simon P Ryan

Learning & Development Manager – APAC

Looking to Build the Resilience of your Team?

Teams with Resilient employees benefit from improved wellbeing, productivity & retention! 

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Here’s some of the established, growing & startup businesses we work with…

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Increased Wellbeing!

  • “I am already using the tools learned” 99% 99%
  • “I have improved my ability to handle future challenges” 99% 99%
  • “I would strongly recommend the course!” 96% 96%

The Results Are Amazing

WiseTech Global invests in Ripen’s Resilience Online Training to ensure employees globally can benefit from the scientifically proven outcomes of building practical and proven Resilience skills together, from anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is Resilience?

Resilience is a learned set of self-leadership abilities for thriving through life’s inevitable setbacks. Along with a team of Coaches and Professional training experts, Ripen utilises proven tools to help people understand how their thoughts, emotions and behaviours interact. Our training helps people uncover and tap into the Resilience they already have, and how implementing some of these proven tools each day will build Resilience, enhance self-leadership and improve wellbeing and performance. Resilience training is beneficial for anyone looking to boost their wellbeing, and especially those facing adversity, change or growth. 

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Can you be more Resilient?

True Resilience is cultivated not innate. Or put another way, there are certain traits or attributes we are born with that make us resilient, but most of what makes someone resilient is learned and cultivated. What we are born with gets us started, but it’s what we learn to think, feel and do that determines the level of Resilience we have throughout life.

Born with or not (examples):

  • Strong Cognitive abilities – that helps us to problem solve.
  • DNA – that means we rarely get sick.
  • Easy Going temperament – for dealing with setbacks or difficult people.


Learned or not (what our Resilience training develops):

Our Resilience training for Individuals and Teams focuses on improving skills and providing practical tools in these six competency areas…

  1. Self-Awareness – the ability to pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and psychological reactions.
  2. Self-Regulation – the ability to change your thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and physiology in the service of the desired outcome.
  3. Mental Agility – the ability to look at situations from multiple perspectives and to think creatively and flexibly.
  4. Strengths of Character – the ability to use one’s top strengths to engage authentically, overcome challenges, and create a life aligned with one’s values.
  5. Connection – the ability to build and maintain strong, trusting relationships.
  6. Optimism – the ability to notice and expect the positive, to focus on what you can control, and to take purposeful action.


Why is Resilience important?

Life doesn’t get any easier, you just get more Resilient (or you don’t).

It’s a fact of life that nobody escapes pain, fear or suffering. A key thing to know or acknowledge is that you are already Resilient to some degree. But it is also important to acknowledge that just because we make it through a tough situation doesn’t mean we are instantly more Resilient. And being Resilient in one situation doesn’t guarantee our Resilience in others. 

It’s only through a deeper understanding of what Resilience is and where it comes from that we are able to tap into our existing Resilience reserves, and then learn new skills and tools for proactively and continuously nurturing our Resilience for the journey ahead.

And the benefits of being more Resilient are too long to list. Compared to individuals who are low in Resilience, people with higher levels of Resilience are found to experience significantly increased wellbeing and mental health – including a lower risk for depression, greater career and academic success, and better relationships… So better health, wealth and belonging!


How to build Resilience at work

Resilience is an individual set of abilities, but it’s so much more meaningful when it’s built as a shared resource or a collective resource among a team.

To put this into context, members of the most elite teams on the planet have built their individual resilience, but so have their teammates. Take Navy Seals for example, they are required to make it through one of the toughest entrance exams on the planet, but to be a Navy Seal you are not just required to make it through the individual tests, they require you to ‘team’ with others. You can be the best individual operator, someone who is nailing all the tests, but if you haven’t teamed with your colleagues you will not make it through as a Navy Seal.

Leaders who experience Resilience training without their team can be a beacon of Resilience for their teams, and we equip Leaders with tools and resources to help them role model Resilience. But a whole team that goes through Resilience training together means they are equipped to support each other during good times and bad. They have a common language and set of tools for facing inevitable setbacks and challenges together, as a unit.

You can be the most Resilient person on the planet, but if you are part of a team that’s not Resilient then it doesn’t mean much. And vice-versa, you can be someone who is low in Resilience, but if you are part of a Resilient team then it elevates you.

So the best teams and businesses build their Resilience as a collective, not just an elite or special few!

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