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We started in 2016, to share proven mindset & behaviour strategies for building Resilience. Since then we’ve educated & empowered ‘000s of people across many organisations & industries, creating happier & more successful individuals & teams. We went digital in 2019, and throughout the Pandemic of 2020 & 2021 we’ve successfully delivered our practical and proven digital Resilience bootcamp to thousands of teams, across 25+ countries.

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More than ever, organisations need Resilient teams! Here are 3 proven techniques you can apply to Build Resilience in your team.

Why Resilience? Why now?

We are at a time in human history when the rate of change is accelerating faster than human adaptability. Is your team and organisation ready?


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Sonja Balic was set to be a professional tennis player before a major injury, here she shares some inspiring advice for being resilient in your career…

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Interested in discovering and pursuing your passion? Here’s some valuable tips from a guy who started a company to help save lives! 

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