To (cause to) become ripe.


About us

We started in 2016 with a simple belief, that people who understand their mindset and behaviour lead happier, healthier and more Resilient lives! Since then we’ve been educating ‘000s of individuals and teams around the world, in practical Resilience skills for optimal wellbeing and performance. We do this through proven Resilience training courses, including our 7 Day Digital Bootcamp.

Matt Hughes


Matt is the Principal at ripen, a mad surfer and father of two. Having built ripen from the ground up, he’s driving our mission of delivering life changing Resilience courses to individuals and teams across the globe. He’s a leading Resilience expert with a list of corporate experience and qualifications as long as his legs – which is long!

Yolanda Butler

Head of Programs

Yol is Head of Programs at ripen, an environmental warrior and super mum! Creating seamless business operations in the most sustainable way is Yol’s happy place. She’s the most organised and productive person we know, with qualifications in economics, design thinking and lean six sigma – Geek alert!

Drew Elliot

Creative Producer

Drew is a Creative Producer for ripen, a rad snowboarder and father of two. Producing content that’s visually cool but emotionally compelling is Drew’s bread and butter. He’s a genius when it comes to Producing any shoot, and when he’s not shooting for ripen he’s busy with his own successful media company!

Sylvain Marmy

Consulting Psychologist

Sylvain is a Consulting Psychologist with ripen. Sylvain initially joined us as a Summer Intern in early 2019, while travelling Australia with his family. Now back in Europe running a Career Counselling Practice, Sylvain remains part of our Scientific Advisory Board!

Elana Kohn

Course Facilitator

Elana is one of many expert facilitators in our Digital Courses. With 20+ years experience Coaching and developing people, she’s highly skilled at providing expert support and encouragement to participants in our Resilience Bootcamps. She’s also a gun on the tennis court!

Linda Winterbottom

Course Facilitator

Linda is another example of the expert facilitators in our Digital Courses. Working for over 20 years as a Rehabilitation Counsellor and Career transition Coach means Linda knows a thing or two about Resilience at work! She’s also got 2 dogs – who keep her very Resilient!

Resilience courses & solutions available…


Everything you need to equip your team. Unlock our methodology.


A Team based learning experience. Delivered entirely online!


Mastering proven Coaching skills to embed Resilience & motivate others.

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We turn psychology theories into Resilience hacks that are easy, relevant and beneficial for everyone.

Achieving your goals

Brain hacks for achieving your goals, such as skills in persuasion, motivation & problem solving.


Increasing self awareness

Brain hacks for
understanding yourself, such as beliefs & decision


Managing emotions

Brain hacks for managing
your emotions, such
as reducing anxiety & stress.


Enhancing relationships

Brain hacks for enhancing
your relationships, such
as building trust &


Keep your employees & teams high performing during times of adversity, change or growth.

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