Beliefs + Behaviours = Being



Beliefs + Behaviours = Being





1. to (cause to) become ripe.

2. to develop to a suitable condition for something to happen.


We started in 2016 with a simple belief; that people who understand their mindset & behaviour lead happier, healthier and more successful lives! Since then we’ve been educating ‘000s of individuals & teams to Build Resilience for Optimal Performance. We do this through digital training courses, habit building software, on-demand coaching, articles and podcasts, all leveraging proven behavioural science.

Matt Hughes

Director & Founder


As the head of ripen, Matt is leading our expertise in delivering culture enhancing Resilience programs, across the globe. Matt founded ripen after re-training in psychology, and discovering psychology research and strategies for individuals and teams to build Resilience for optimal performance. As well as enjoying finding time to facilitate some of our digital courses, Matt is also an active contributor to sharing practical tips via our social media.

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Seeking qualified Coaches, Authors & Producers…


We are seeking motivated, educated and inspiring performance coaches, contributing authors and producers. If you are passionate about psychology or digital learning, hold qualifications in psychology, counselling, or coaching, and believe that you can help others achieve their goals, then we would love to hear from you!

Resilience courses & solutions available...

Build high Resilience in individuals & teams.

Everything you need to equip your team. Unlock our methodology.

Embed proven Resilience Habits into lasting behaviour.

Applying behavioural science for genuine behaviour transformation.

Develop powerful Coaching skills in leaders.

Mastering proven Coaching skills to embed Resilience & motivate others.

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We turn psychology theories into brain hacks that are easy, relevant and beneficial for everyone.

Achieving your goals

Brain hacks for achieving your goals, such as skills in persuasion, motivation & problem solving.


Increasing self awareness

Brain hacks for
understanding yourself, such as beliefs & decision


Managing emotions

Brain hacks for managing
your emotions, such
as reducing anxiety & stress.


Enhancing relationships

Brain hacks for enhancing
your relationships, such
as building trust &


Keep your employees & teams high performing during times of adversity, change or growth.

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