Cultivating Personal Resilience is essential for People Working in Mining & Construction juggling complex shift patterns, long hours & heavy duty equipment!

Cultivating Personal Resilience is essential for People Working in Mining & Construction juggling complex shift patterns, long hours & heavy duty equipmenty!

Why Resilience training why now?  

Mining & Construction is striving to meet the economic demands of today, while adapting to the sustainable demands of the future. These demands are relentless & so is the workload! This leaves people working in Mining & Construction feeling fatigued, overwhelmed & often burnt out.

Give your teams wellbeing an instant boost!  

Resilience Training with Matt Hughes

Our training courses & tools help people learn skills to self-monitor & self-regulate in rapidly changing & unpredictable environments! We work with People Leaders in Mining & Construction seeking one or all of these benefits for their team…

Increased Wellbeing

100% of people who complete our training report increased wellbeing! 

Improved Results

Resilient people achieve increased Motivation & Productivity at work & beyond!

Resilience Toolkit

Ongoing access to a proven toolkit for positively responding & adapting in times of adversity & change!

Mastering Habits

Our training is about practicing tools & sharing experiences for building Resilience habits & lasting benefits!

We specialise in working with remote or hybrid teams in your industry…

Our Resilience Online training is a world leading social learning experience! Remote or hybrid working teams learn & apply Personal Resilience skills & tools together, around their day-to-day work, from anywhere in the world!


Resilience Training with Matt Hughes

Guaranteed Wellbeing & Performance Outcomes

Our Resilience training helps people uncover & tap into the Resilience they already have & how implementing some of these proven tools each day will build Resilience, enhance self-leadership & improve wellbeing & performance. The course focus is to provide skills & tools that increase…

Biological Resilience

Protection against sickness,

fatigue & burnout!

Cognitive Resilience

Protection against ambiguity,

change & uncertainty!

Social Resilience

Protection against conflict,

criticism & isolation!

This course has had a profound effect on my beliefs. The learnings from this course are already having a positive effect on my life. I feel like I have now come out of a very long tunnel into a bright future.

Neil Gorton,

Storeperson | Mining

I am now using all of the techniques. This has given me confidence that I can self-regulate my way through any challenges. Very glad that I had the opportunity to take this course. I feel what I have learned will have real life improvement outcomes.

Bradley Crosby,

Project Manager | Mining

Superb! A very relevant topic to make me realise the importance of this aspect of life, especially in the fast changing global scenario and life getting challenging day by day, Resilience is going to be a game changer.

Anoop Singh,

Head of Sales (India) | Mining

Having greater awareness of my thinking has led to me having greater control and influence over this. I'm more consciously aware, which is helping me to better adapt to the situations. While the Practical application throughout the course has helped me to understand the concepts.

Jill Davidt,

Senior HR Adviser | Mining

This course presented itself in a very critical moment of my professional career due to dramatic imposed changes currently affecting my daily routine. The techniques I was presented with in this course will most certainly help me to navigate through these changes with more resilience.

Cassius Almeida,

Sales Manager | Mining

Some great tools to help self awareness and how to control limiting thoughts. Excellent course and would highly recommend.

Greg Findlay,

Recruitment & STPP Manager | Mining

Like the course content, way it was presented, the platform used and also the facilitators. The learning content was short, to the point and easy to follow. Very important when we are following this course while doing other work. Good work team!!

Nirmal Weerasekara,

Principal Engineer 

Created a level of self-awareness that can guide me in any situation moving forward. Engagement and response rate is incredible! Very good platform - great UX.

Simon P Ryan,

Learning & Development Manager APAC | Mining

The tools provided in this course make it easy to implement and I have enjoyed the learning. Direct, to the point and good stories well explained, meaning I was not left wondering what do I have to do. Facilitators’ responses and interaction were spot on and extremely timely.

Tony Millar,

Technical Learning Program Specialist | Mining

Professional, practical, clear and concise learning videos and activities, with techniques I can easily apply in real life.

Ian Rose,

Warehouse and Distribution Manager | Mining

Case Study – Weir Minerals

People Trained (& growing!)

Countries (so far!)


Increased Wellbeing!

  • “I am already using the tools learned” 97% 97%
  • “I have improved my ability to handle future challenges” 99% 99%
  • “I would strongly recommend the course!” 99% 99%

The Results Are Amazing

Weir Minerals invests in Ripen’s Resilience Online Training to ensure employees across APAC benefit from the scientifically proven outcomes of building practical and proven Resilience skills together, from anywhere!

Created a level of self-awareness that can guide us in any situation moving forward. Engagement and response rate is incredible! Very good platform - great UX.


Simon P Ryan

Learning & Development Manager – APAC

Enrol your team in a proven course for learning Resilience & cultivating their wellbeing together, from anywhere!


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