Cultivating Personal Resilience is essential for People Working in B2B roles juggling complex workloads, diverse stakeholders & hybrid-working!

Cultivating Personal Resilience is essential for People Working in B2B roles juggling complex workloads, diverse stakeholders & hybrid-working!

Why Resilience training why now?  

Understanding and solving complex problems for businesses requires boundless expertise and energy! Operating in B2B requires being fast paced, empathetic and dynamic. This leaves people working long hours on complex challenges, where results can easily take priority over wellbeing!

Give your teams wellbeing an instant boost!  

Resilience Training with Matt Hughes

Our training courses & tools help people learn skills to self-monitor & self-regulate in rapidly changing & unpredictable environments! We work with People Leaders in B2B organisations seeking one or all of these benefits for their team…

Increased Wellbeing

100% of people who complete our training report increased wellbeing! 

Improved Results

Resilient people achieve increased Motivation & Productivity at work & beyond!

Resilience Toolkit

Ongoing access to a proven toolkit for positively responding & adapting in times of adversity & change!

Mastering Habits

Our training is about practicing tools & sharing experiences for building Resilience habits & lasting benefits!

We specialise in working with remote or hybrid teams in your industry…

Our Resilience Online training is a world leading social learning experience! Remote or hybrid working teams learn & apply Personal Resilience skills & tools together, around their day-to-day work, from anywhere in the world!


Resilience Training with Matt Hughes

Guaranteed Wellbeing & Performance Outcomes

Our Resilience training helps people uncover & tap into the Resilience they already have & how implementing some of these proven tools each day will build Resilience, enhance self-leadership & improve wellbeing & performance. The course focus is to provide skills & tools that increase…

Biological Resilience

Protection against sickness,

fatigue & burnout!

Cognitive Resilience

Protection against ambiguity,

change & uncertainty!

Social Resilience

Protection against conflict,

criticism & isolation!

This has been such great course, and I love that it is open for some time. It is dense, and I think the opportunity to revisit will be a great addition to layering my understanding and perspective on this course.

Elina Ramsey,

Practitioner Sales Consultant

Amazing journey - 10/10!! This course has contributed to me navigating future challenges, by understanding my mindset and how it impacts life’s choices, and to stop procrastinating and be proactive and not reactive.

Philip Jentz,

Practitioner Sales Consultant 

Actually putting the ideas into practice is what I think sets this course apart from others and the platform to do that on - remotely yet connected, just genius! Thank you so much for the gift of this course!

Kelly McGillivray,

Customer Business Manager 

I feel much better prepared for challenges that lie ahead! The facilitation was amazing - giving me clear and constructive feedback. Love that the activities allowed us to apply skills in both a work and personal setting. Makes it much easier to apply these skills wherever I go!

Mel Steer,

National Account Executive

Very responsive and encouraging facilitation. The Learning Platform was easy to navigate and see where I was up to. Being aware of what I was doing to myself and how to change it has helped a lot. Course rating =10/10!

Terri Mouhtouris,

Regional Partnership Manager 

Thank you! I thought my mindset and beliefs were all they were ever going to be, yet what I have learnt is I put these beliefs upon myself not anyone else. Knowing that means I am in control of changing them!

Ceri Hayden,

National Account Manager

Well worth the investment in time, 30 mins in the morning, then applying it to real life through the day, then 30 mins in the evening is all it took.

Simon Clark,

VP Business Development – EMEA 

Great course that everyone should go for during this pandemic time. Through the course activities, we were able to reflect and apply the tools immediately, especially the mindset awareness technique which is something we can use to identify how our emotional state is at any time.

Julia Lee,

Global Business Development Support – Singapore

The course activities were really great for applying the learned techniques. Helps to also have responses of others viewable as a support when applying tools. A great course that couldn't have come at a better time for me personally and professionally. The learned skills and techniques I will continue to use long after the course is finished.

Jackie Troup,

Implementation Consultant 

I would like to thank you for a fantastic course, the variety of facts, ideas and perspective to deal with challenging situations as well as to challenge myself from time to time in order to monitor my mindset. The tools provided are supporting my daily work already, and every day a bit more.

Thomas Fischer,

IT Consultant

Such incredible timing to have the whole team going through this! Already the language across the board and even in emails has changed! People are calling one another out, and speaking about the mindset and self regulation techniques.

Erin Evans,

Co-Founder | Director

I am really grateful for this course and grateful for the timing specifically. There are some great tools in there that I know I will be of help in the future to me and in all areas. I am very much interested in the psychology aspect and this was a great thing for me to do.

Jon Browne,

Senior BI and Analytics Recruiter

It's given me whole a new perspective on mainly how I approach work and access to techniques I would never have thought of by myself which will be very beneficial to me. Great platform, easy to navigate and very user friendly.

Tim Louch,

Senior Recruitment Consultant 

Case Study – Firesoft Group

Consultants Trained



Increased Wellbeing!

  • “I am already using the tools learned” 100% 100%
  • “I have improved my ability to handle future challenges” 100% 100%
  • “I would strongly recommend the course!” 100% 100%

The Results Are Amazing

Firesoft People invested in Ripen’s Resilience Online Training to ensure B2B Consultants across APAC could benefit from the scientifically proven outcomes of building practical and proven Resilience skills together, from anywhere!

Such incredible timing to have the whole team going through this! Already the language across the board and even in emails has changed! People are supporting each other more and speaking about the mindset and self-regulation techniques, which is increasing psychological safety for hybrid-working.

Erin Evans

Director – Firesoft People

Enrol your team in a proven course for learning Resilience & cultivating their wellbeing together, from anywhere!


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