Identifying Team Resilience

On both an individual and a collective level, Team Resilience is something that is cultivated over time rather than innate ability.

On both an individual and a collective level, Resilience is something that is cultivated over time rather than innate ability people either have or do not have. As such, Resilient teams and organisational cultures can be built and fostered, beginning with hiring for Resilience through to delivering practical and proven Resilience training, to ensure everyone is equipped to handle whatever challenges arise. Below is our advice for identifying or measuring Team Resilience:

  1. Start the conversation.
  2. Run wellbeing checks internally.
  3. Measure Resilience using science.


Indicators of Team Resilience

Leaders often have an intuitive sense when something is wrong with their team’s wellbeing and performance. Other times they may have had a conversation with their team or observed behaviours that have flagged Resilience is low or there is a Resilience gap. Many leaders also have access to objective organisational measures or performance indicators that signal Team Resilience is low or declining.

But how can you identify Resilience on both an individual and team level? Here are some of the key indicators to look for…

Indicators that show Personal Resilience or Team Resilience:

Resilience = Retention & Motivation!

93% of Resilient employees say they would want to stay with their employer, while 86% of Resilient employees feel fully motivated at work. – Aon, Rising Resilient (2020)


How to Measure Team Resilience

Depending on your budget and resources, there are 3 different ways leaders can assess the Resilience of their people:

1. Start the conversation! 

A conversation can provide great insights into how people are coping and what they are doing to bolster their Resilience. The answers to the below questions often surprise leaders who find out the team they thought was coping fine, is secretly struggling.


  • What do employees think Resilience is? Where do they think it comes from?
  • How Resilient do they currently feel and why?
  • How are they monitoring their mental, emotional, physical and social wellbeing day-to-day?
  • How do they know when their Resilience is low or at risk of impacting their performance?
  • What tools or techniques are they using to bolster their Resilience?


When assessing an individual’s Resilience, we are really trying to uncover two things: 1. What they know about Resilience and 2. What skills and tools they apply for being Resilient.


2. Run wellbeing checks internally 

Leaders can use the data they are capturing at a team or organisational level to identify where Resilience is low or at risk of impacting team or business outcomes.

This includes insights from employee surveys or pulse checks that indicate an issue with morale or wellbeing. Other measures include monitoring absenteeism, presenteeism and key performance indicators that show wellbeing and performance is taking a hit. You should also keep an eye out for signs of burnout, which can significantly undermine an individuals Resilience.


  • Feel exhausted and lack the energy to do anything.
  • Have difficulty concentrating and easily slip into a daze.
  • Feel irritated, frustrated and become self-critical.
  • Find everyday things and places overwhelming.
  • Feel detached from things they used to love.


3. Measure Resilience using science

If you have the resources, employing a team of Resilience experts can be a highly effective way to understand the Resilience of your team or organisation.

We leverage a 12-item Resilience survey that can quickly assess where team Resilience is low or might be impacting outcomes. We also have an in-depth psychometric Resilience profiling tool for clients who want to deeply explore the Resilience of key individuals, which is great for use in the hiring process or when identifying people to promote.


Seeking Team Resilience training?

Our Digital Resilience Training is our most in demand program for identifying and boosting Team Resilience, delivering proven increases in Resilience capability and employee wellbeing.

If you want fast results for your team, book a call with our friendly team to learn more.



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